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Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon

Looking for an outdoor activity in the Riverside, California area? Sycamore Canyon offers various things to do for a day full of fun and educational experiences. Visit the Ameal Moore Nature Center to learn more about the habitat and wilderness in the area. There are also various trails in the park to really experience the outdoors, from hiking, biking, to a casual stroll through the canyon.

Located at 400 Central Ave., Riverside, CA there are various events held throughout the year that provide even more fun experiences when visiting.

Ameal Moore Nature Center

Located in the entrance of the main trailhead for Sycamore Canyon’s Wilderness Park, it provides hands-on learning to visitors about the local wilderness and creatures. The park spans 1,500 acres, and is among eight federally protected reserves due to the Stephen’s Kangaroo rat being on the endangered species list.

June 21st, 2014 the learning center was opened for the public, promoting Citizen Sciences, which is a sponsored project from Riverside Metropolitan Museum, along with other partnerships.

The center urges community and tourists alike to engage and learn about the environment around the area, fostering appreciation of hidden urban areas.

Furthermore, with detailed records of the local wildlife and plants, changes that occur over time can be analyzed.

Exploring Trails

Are you more outdoors-style and want to experience the wilderness first hand? There are trails that offer great views of the environment, the city, landscapes, or just for bird watching in their natural state. All of this is only minutes from downtown.

There are almost 100 plants and animals located in the 1,500-acre park on the endangered, threatened, sensitive or rare list.

The park has 5 access areas, with three available parking areas.

Free Programs

There are many free programs offered by the center as well, including:

Guided Nature Hikes

These are held on the 1st Saturday each month. Get a view of the wilderness with a guided tour, ensuring you do not get lost.

Family Friendly Programs

Want to spend the day with the family? On the 2nd Saturday each month, between 11am to 2pm the center provides science crafts and lessons that are fun for the whole family.

Citizen Science Initiative

This program focuses around the citizens as they participate in science research projects. Citizens are partnered with a scientist and tasks can be simple as taking photos and counting. By doing this and sending in the results, it can assist scientists in effectively making changes to policies and gather more data.

This program is held on the 3rd Saturday each month.

Science Chats

Got questions? On Friday evenings, the Science Chat program provides lectures designed towards answering questions and providing information regarding Riverside life. It’s a professional, science-based show and tell great for adults.