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About Menifee, CA

Sell Your Home for CASH in Menifee California

Menifee – California

Located in the Riverside County lies Menifee which is located in California. This city lies between Los Angeles County and Sand Diego County. It is just 9 miles from Temecula and it happens to border Murrieta, California. Menifee is only 46 square miles and happens to include the communities of Paloma Valley, parts of Romoland, Quail Valley, and Sun City.

Originally this area was home to the Luiseno People, and it was mostly inhabited by the Pechanga band. It would be during the 18th century that the area would be ruled by the Spanish and would become ceded by Mexico to the U.S. during 1850 as part of the Mexican-American War.

Farming started early in the 19th century, and it was concentrated directly in the area. Mining started during the 1880s with a quartz lode being discovered by Luther Menifee Wilson, which is who Menifee is named after.

The very early development of this area started with the creation of Sun City in the 1960s and it was considered to be a retirement community which was started by Del Webb who used the same concept for Sun City, Arizona. Sun City is located within Menifee with some commercial and residential activity.

It would be during the 1980s that the area would really grow and become a community. However, because of the lack of resources like high density commercial and retail business and industry occupations, caused a lot of people to have to commute longer distances to surrounding cities like Murrieta and Temecula to work, shop and eat. During the most recent years, there has been a lot of growth for Menifee with a lot of home construction close to lakes, large parks and great amenities which have really attracted a lot of new residents from all areas of California like Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego.

It would be during June of 2008, that the residents of all the communities that surrounded Menifee would decide to vote to incorporate together to form the 26th city within Riverside County. It would be October of 2008 that the Menifee was officially established as being a city.

Menifee is surrounded completely by various other cities such as Winchester, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Wildomar, and Perris. The center of the city is literally the intersection of the Escondido Freeway and Newport Road.

The area of Menifee has plenty to do, especially if you have a family or you are planning on starting a family. The area has some of the best weather around with a nice Mediterranean to Subtropical climate, so you don’t have to worry about there not being enough sunshine during the year. The warmest part of the year is often between April and October with temperatures ranging from 80°F to well over 100°F and mild cool weather being between 40°F and 68°F. November to March is often part of the rainy season, but there isn’t really any snow.

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