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About Murrieta, CA

Sell Your Home for CASH in Murrieta California

Murrieta, California is a southwestern city located in Riverside County within the United States. An interesting fact is that the population is well over 100,000 people and from 2000 to 2010, there was a 133.7% population increase which makes Murrieta one of the fastest growing cities within California. This large population boom surpassed the population of the more commercial and historically larger Temecula, California for the first time since both cities were incorporated. Murrieta and Temecula form the southwestern anchor for the Inland Empire and this area had a population of over 440,000 people in 2010. Murrieta is largely residential, but it is considered a commuter town, while many residents have employment in cities such as Los Angeles, Temecula, Camp Pendleton, Orange County, and San Diego County. Murrieta is bordered by Wildomar and Menifee as well as Temecula. It is also the center of the San Diego- Los Angeles mega region that has a population of over 22 million people.

For most of the history of Murrieta, the area was not heavily populated. Ezequiel Murrieta purchased Rancho Temecula and Rancho Pauba Mexican land grands which made up of 52,000 acres which he intended to bring his business of sheep raising to this California area. However, he returned to Spain and gave the land to his brother Juan who then brought 100,000 sheep in 1873 to the land. He used the meadows to feed the sheep. Others then discovered the valley after a depot construction within 1882 that would connect Murrieta to the transcontinental route for the Southern California Railroad. By time 1890 rolled around, more than 800 people lived here. Now about 50 acres of this land is owned by a conference center and bible college that is owned and ran by the Calvary Chapel Costa mesa church which has managed to invest millions into rebuilding and restoring the old resort rooms. Whenever the trains stopped within 1935, the tourists who were the life of the town, were harder to come by. The population boom that Murrieta had because of the hot springs and train eventually would die off and leave Murrieta a small country town.

Murrieta does have entertainment for those who visit. There is the Mulligan Family Fun Center that has go kart racing, arcade, miniature golf and laser tag. There is also Pole Position which is another go kart track as well as a movie theater is available for fun nights out. In 2012, Murrieta gained a comedy club called Aces as well as a trampoline park. By 2013, Epic Rollertainment, a roller skating rink was opened up. Annually, both Temecula and Murrieta share the Rod Run which happens to be a classic car even that has classic car owners and the enthusiasts that love older cars are able to show off and enjoy hundreds of various classic cars. Murrieta also has plenty of sport parks that you can have sporting events in.

There are also conservation groups where you can observe various endangered wildlife, lakes that you can swim and fish in, as well as places to ride horseback, hiking, and even campsites that you can enjoy a family weekend at.