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Southern California

Southern California

Southern California, also known as SoCal, is labeled a cultural and geographic region which forms California’s ten southern counties. This region, described traditionally to be eight counties, which is being based on demographics and its economic ties, they are: Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, including Ventura. The ten-county definition is much more extensive, and it includes Kern, as well as San Luis Obispo counties, except that they are also based on the historical political divisions.

The definitions for the eight-county and the ten-county is not used for the Southern California Megaregion, which is one of the megaregions of the United States, there are eleven of them in all. The megaregion extends to the east going into Nevada, Las Vegas, and then south, into the Mexican border, where it goes into Tijuana.

There are more than 12 million people living in Los Angeles, more than 4 million in Riverside San Bernardino, and more than 3 million living in the Sab Diego area. There are five counties that make-up the greater Los Angeles area, with a population of more than 17.5 million, which makes it the second (New York metropolitan area being number one) most populous United States statistical area that has been combined of several counties. The state of California’s population is well over 22 million, with Southern California’s population being roughly 60% of that. The southern border of Southern California is a part of the Mexico–United States border. San Diego and Los Angeles are the two major cities in Southern California, and this is also one of the largest metropolitan regions in the country. With San Diego being the eight populous of the nation.

The Greater Southern California Megaregion is the home of homegrown surfing and the skateboard culture, with action sports events, others include X Games and Boost Mobile Pro, as well as the United States Open Surfing. All of which, are held in the Greater Southern California Megaregion. Southern California is also significant in the world of yachting. The premier events of yachting are the ‘Transpacific Yacht Race’ (also referred to as ‘Transpac’), it goes from Los Angeles, all the way to Hawaii, and it is held annually. Between 1988 and 1995 the ‘San Diego Yacht Club’ hosted three different America’s Cup races, it is thought to be the most prestigious prize there is in yachting.

The megaregion of Southern California is known as the home of several different sports franchises, including sports networks like Fox Sports Net. The coast of Southern California is frequently visited by the locals, including tourist, for the enjoyment they receive from its beaches. A place that is especially popular is Palm Springs, it is referred to as the desert city.

There are many urban environments in Southern California and they have all been heavily developed and are the home of some of the biggest urban areas within the state. However, there are still many vast areas which has been purposely left undeveloped. It also comes in third as one of the most populated megalopolis of the United States, coming in first would be the Great Lakes Megalopolis, and second is Northeastern Megalopolis.


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