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Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

If you are looking for a bit of fun, try out the very first trampoline park that is completely indoors at Sky Zone. This is the place where fitness can be fun and were there are trampolines in all places that can be seen with your eye. You will get one of the best types of exercises that you have ever had and combine it with healthy and great fun. It is a completely unique fitness center that has been voted at being #1 and it is one of the greatest places to host a party. You can experience a huge wow factor whenever you feel what is like to be weightless as you flip and bounce then land into a giant pit that has been filled up with thousands of foam cubes.

It is very much about giving everyone the joy that comes with flying. Everyone who comes here will see that the creators were sky lovers, and thrill seekers as well as people who believe that jumping is the ultimate freedom. This place is all about making fitness fun and that playing can be smart. The whole area is bursting with a lot of energy and it promotes a healthy way to enjoy yourself. It’s going to keep your flying high and keep you safe at the same time.

The business was completed during 2012 and it offers an open jump area, SkyRobics fitness classes, SkySlam Court where you can test your basketball skills, and an area for ultimate dodgeball. It is open for anyone of any size, of any shape, of any age, and it is also the place to come for the ultimate 3D play experience.

Ultimate Dodgeball will have you bringing everything that you have in you because it will get real as the balls fly. The Foam Zone will allow you to fly without fear as you fly into the foam zone. You will have huge air with a super soft landing. The SkySlam will allow you to dunk harder and jump higher. The Freestyle Jump is wall to wall trampolines that will give you endless aerial action with your friends and family. If you are wanting a challenge, then you can try to conquer the warped wall. Here you will have to climb up a curved incline and it will take all of your strength to reach the top.

If you want family fun during the weekend, then you can enjoy Club Glow that happens on Friday and Saturday nights. Here you will get 90 minutes of glow jumping. It starts at 9 pm on Friday and it will end at 11:30 pm and on Saturday it will start at 6 pm and go until 11:30 pm. Club Glow is the ultimate black light experience that includes laser lights, a great DJ, dancing, and full access to all of the attractions. In order to provide a much safer environment, all participants will need to wear a Glow shirt during the whole session. SkySocks are required to jump and you can purchase them separately to keep and reuse every time that you come to Sky Zone.