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Riverside Unified School District

Riverside Unified School District

The RUSD or Riverside Unified School District happens to be a school district that is located and headquartered within Riverside, California. This particular district serves a very large part of Riverside as well as many unincorporated areas like Woodcrest and Highgrove that are within Riverside County.

The RUSD happens to be the 15th largest school district located within California, and it serves over 50 schools and 43,000 students in Riverside. This district actually is governed by the Board of Education which is publicly elected and is made up of 5 members who serve 5 different trustee areas, and the RUSD happens to be led by Dr. David Hansen who is the superintendent.

The RUSD has many programs for student’s preparedness and growth such as AVID high, elementary and middle school programs, Dual language immersions schools, full S.T.E.M. Academy and International Baccalaureate programs. The RUSD has also been awarded many local and national awards which include 4 blue ribbon schools, 29 distinguished schools, and multiple Golden Ribbon and Golden Bell schools. The RUSD also employs a national finalist for Counselor of the Year, and has several schools that have made it on the World Report’s and U.S. News’ America’s Top High Schools list and the Best High School in America list by the Washington Post. Just recently, Riverside voters had passed Measure O with well over 70% of yes votes, which will bring well-deserved landscape, security, structural, and technology improvements to the RUSD. All together there are 50 School facilities made up of alternative schools, comprehensive high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

The RUSD happens to be home to nationally certified teachers, as well as one of three 2014 Riverside County Teaches of the Year and even 2 previous State Teachers of the Year. The RUSD also is leading the way by using cutting edge programs like personalized learning and schools of choice. They focus on developing well-rounded citizens by using efforts such as a unique arts education program and putting an emphasis on School Plus 2 to help encourage students to be engaged and involved in their education. The RUSD has a unique school nutrition program that does feature Famer’s Market Salad Bars in almost all the schools, and it has earned national recognition. Not to mention the variety of outstanding community service programs that are helping students to become well rounded citizens. It is very clear to notice that the RUSD is the district of choice for Southern California and most of the Inland.

The RUSD is well known for having high academic standards and the students there have earned a great reputation for success in many different areas. The RUSD is home to national and state History Day winners, state Envirothon champions, state Mock Trial champions, and state Science Fair winners. 4 out of 10 students were selected for the All County Academic Team in 2011 and they were from RUSD. Not to mention that many of the graduates from RUSD choose to enroll in college. Around 93% of the RUSD 2010 graduates who filled out the post-graduation survey stated that they had enrolled in college and 83% of those 2,400 students stated that they are enrolled in college programs full time.