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Riverside Sports Complex

Riverside Sports Complex

Journey to Riverside, California to the Riverside Sports Complex which is the home field for the University of California, Riverside baseball team. This stadium happens to have 2500 seats and features a unique home team locker room that was built personally by a UC Riverside Alumni, Troy Percival.

It would be during 2007 that the statue or the UC Riverside Bear would be erected right inside of the entrance to the Riverside Sports Complex. This stadium also has some hitting cages that are located right under the grandstand seats within the stadium.

The Riverside Sports Complex has been mainly used for baseball and during 1993 to 1996, the complex was actually home to the Riverside Pilots who would move to Lancaster, California. They would then become the Lancaster JetHawks. During 1988 to 1990, the Riverside Sports Complex was home to the Riverside Red Wave.

Riverside Sports Complex was also the site where the Division II College World Series was held starting in 1980 to 1984.

The Riverside Sports Complex is somewhat of a plain ballpark that is located near the University of California, Riverside. The complex was part of the Cal league during 1988 with the Red Wave, who happened to be the A team for the San Diego Padres. The real issue with the stadium happened to be inadequate room and no beer sales. Then during 1990, the Red Wave moved to Adelanto in the high desert and became the High Desert Mavericks. It was during 1993, that the Pilots would come in as the next Cal league which was the A team for the Seattle Mariners. They also had the same issues. Ultimately, the Pilots would end up playing most of their games at the Palm Springs stadium, which is located about an hour away from Riverside. Eventually after 1996, the Riverside Sports Complex would become the home for the UC Riverside baseball team.

The Riverside Sports Complex, which is often referred to as the Plex is now used to all UC Riverside practices and games as well as multiple high school events. The complex also has a unique view of the Box Springs Mountains.

Over the years there have been several improvements made to the Riverside Sports Complex, however the biggest improvements started in 2007 with the building of a home team locker room which is located near the left field line which was constructed by Troy Percival who happened to be a former Highlanders standout, and the statue of the old UC Riverside bear logo made in concrete which is located near the front of the complex.

Then during 2015, the Riverside Sports Complex ended up with a brand-new coat of paint and the outfield walls as well as dugouts were changed from the regular green to blue. Then protective screens were placed in the front of the dugouts during 2017 with plenty more improvements still being planned and executed.

The Sports Complex has a great home team locker facility, and has a field that is 330 feet down the lines and 380 feet to the alleys and 400 feet to center field.

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