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Riverside Metropolitan Museum

Riverside Metropolitan Museum

The RMM as it is formally known as the Riverside Metropolitan Museum happens to be a natural science, history and anthropological museum that is located within Riverside, California within the Mission Inn inside of the United States. The museum is also a department of Riverside, but it happens to be supported by the Riverside Museum Associates which is a non-profit organization.

The museum was established during December of 1924 when Cornelius Rumsey’s widow had donated a collection of artifacts from the Native Americans that were owned by her husband to Riverside. donated her late husband’s collection of Native American artifacts to Riverside. Rumsey was a retired executive from Nabisco and had moved to Riverside for his health and had ended up developing an interest in Native American artifacts.

The gallery was initially situated in the storm cellar of the old City Hall working from 1925 through 1948. It at that point moved to the storm cellar of the present building, initially a Federal Post Office. As the gallery’s accumulations developed, the exhibition hall extended to the greater part of the floors in the 1970s.

After his retirement from educating at Riverside Junior College, noted naturalist Edmund C. Jaeger filled in as a guardian for the exhibition hall. A changeless show at the exhibition hall is committed to him and the normal scene of Southern California.

The RMM which is a branch of Riverside and it is the holder of the public trust of historic sites, artifacts and archives which is owned by Riverside. The Riverside Metropolitan Museum is in charge of 3 historic sites. It controls the Victorian House Museum Heritage House, Harada House, and the National Register Museum.

The Museum houses in excess of 200,000 curios in its accumulations and 2000 direct feet of chronicles in the controls of Natural History, Anthropology, and History. Perpetual and extraordinary presentations are in plain view consistently and are available to people in general for nothing out of pocket. The Museum additionally offers instructive projects, unique social occasions, and school programs.

Originally, the museum was named after Cornelius Rumsey as the Indian Collection, and it was located within the basement within city hall during 1924. Cornelius Rumsey’s widow had donated a collection of artifacts from the Native Americans that were owned by her husband to Riverside. However, during 1948, the museum was moved to its current location which was a former post office that was built during 1912. There are 9 volunteer board members who serve as advisors for the museum. The RMM and Arts & Cultural Affairs Department are considered to be a part of the Smithsonian Affiliates program.

It was during 1987 that the museum and heritage house were placed on the National Register for historic places by the National Park Service. Then during 2004, the museum had gotten the Harada house, which was originally placed on the register during 1990. Then in 2005, The RMM had changed its name from Municipal Museum to Metropolitan Museum in order to help reflect the growing importance within the region and community.

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