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Riverside County Philharmonic

Riverside Philharmonic

The main goal for the Riverside County Philharmonic is to help the advancement and enjoyment as well as appreciation of symphonic music to many diverse communities located within the Inland empire and most of the Southern California area using performances and even innovative programs that entertain, enrich, education and challenge.

It was during 1959 that the Philharmonic was established and named Riverside Symphony. The debut concert for the orchestra was during April of 1959 and it was located at the Roman High School. This concert sold out. The Philharmonic has been really delighting all audiences ever since the first concert by having many performances of well known masterpieces and even newer, and updated compositions.

The Orchestra has been acclaimed by out of town and local critics for the compelling performances and the exceptional roster of many guest soloists. There have been several occasions where a reviewer has stated it as being the best orchestra located within Southern California.

It is during every weekend that they will perform in concerts located within a state of the art concert hall which is located at the Coil School for the Arts which lies within Downtown. The orchestra has also played in concerts throughout the whole region including places such as Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Fallbrook, Lake Elsinore, the Ramona Bowl, and Cerritos. Additionally, they also perform during the yearly Concert for Heroes which is located at the Riverside National Cemetery as part of the Fourth of July observances.

Viewers have been able to experience many adventures within the music programs as they are able to introduce local students to symphonic music. They also have the Heartstrings Program which allows those who are not able to afford a ticket for a concert. It allows there to be tickets available to those who cannot afford to attend but they would benefit greatly from the whole experience.

They are actually a 501c(3) organization. That means that they completely depend on the season ticket sales and many grants from institutions and individuals as well as program sponsorships and donations in order to be able to produce the concerts that they perform and to introduce the many community programs that it has helped develop for the community.

All of the performances that are done by the Riverside Philharmonic Orchestra will have themes. Such as those that are done during the holidays. They will often contain the orchestra as well as choirs and they will perform many well-known holiday favorites and even some that may not be known. They also have several guest soloists that will provide a unique experience especially for those who have never enjoyed a symphonic concert.

However, often times the ticket purchases are bit more expensive than you would expect as rear seating starts at $40 for a single ticket or you can purchase a season ticket which will start at $120. Main orchestra seating starts at $60 or the Golden Circle which is $75 for a single ticket but for a season ticket it is $240.