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Riverside Chamber of Commerce

Riverside Chamber of Commerce

The riverside chamber of commerce is located within Riverside, California and has been committed to helping many local businesses to grow simply by taking a lead in efforts and programs that would help to create a stronger local economy and make the community a much better place to do business. The chamber of commerce is able to provide a lot of benefits and opportunities for their members to help increase their contact base and have a lot of fun doing so through different network events, committees, and meetings. Not to mention that the chamber of commerce also makes hundreds of referrals to member companies every single month.

The Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocate for business within the city, but they also work to help create and even sustain business environments that are favorable so that all businesses are able to prosper and grow.

They are one of the most influential chamber of commerce’s in the state and they work close with local government and other parties to help strengthen the local economy. The Chamber of commerce is also very actively involved with each important issue that a business will face. Additionally, they are one of the largest chambers within Southern California and it is made up of over 1300 business enterprises, educational institutions, individuals, and civic organizations. Being a member is a big deal as it as a member driven organization and it is committed to building a much stronger local economy by engaging local, state and federal officials on behalf of local business interests, fostering the strength and growth of member organizations, and actively supporting and promoting the local community.

This is a place where people are brought together to help solve problems, work diligently behind the scenes to create compromises and forge agreements, and plan meetings to discuss projects that will improve the community and local economy. The Chamber of Commerce is able to do whatever is needed to help advance the welfare and progress of the local economy and community.

The Chamber of Commerce actually provides a lot of benefits. They are able to offer referrals and new contacts. They can provide plenty of opportunities for their members to increase the contact base and have fun with it during networking events, committees, and meetings. They also provide referrals to other member companies on your behalf.

The provide a voice in legislation. The Chamber of Commerce has a really active governmental affairs council that actually will monitor legislation that can affect local businesses and then will take action to help protect the interests of businesses.

The have the Office Depot Program. This program helps new businesses registered with the Chamber of Commerce which helps with saving money and providing discounts on furniture, office supplies, promotional and specialty items, and technology products. They are able to have a better delivery process and ordering as well as getting monthly reports that monitor expenses to help you make the most of your business funds.

They also have constant contact. Chamber members are able to connect with customers and get chamber member discounts of up to 30%.

There are also the advertising and marketing opportunities. The Chamber of Commerce uses various publications, as well as a website and event sponsoring. The members of the Chamber of commerce are given a chance to really increase their brand recognition. There is even access to the member database which you can get on a disk or as a label for direct mailing.

They have the Chamber Member Discount Program. This program was actually designed just for the Chamber of Commerce which helps to grow a stronger economy in the local community by providing members an opportunity to advertise discounts that their businesses may have available.

There is also access to free publications. Every year a chamber member may receive a free city map, legislative guide, annual report, destination guide and directory.

The Chamber of Commerce also has mailing labels for members to purchase. You can get the whole membership listing for around $110 or you can just pay $25 and get access to Division or VIP labels. On top of that they offer members access to Certificates of Origin for just $30, when it is around $80 for a non-member and they have Notary services for just $10. They only ask that you make an appointment.

They also provide discounted boardroom rentals. They allow the Chamber of Commerce board room to be rented which will seat 50 people and then the small conference room which will fit 10 people. They are available for rental for presentations, seminars and meetings at a low cost for any chamber of commerce member.

The Riverside Chamber of Commerce also has business training which allows their members every month to attend business seminars for a small fee. They have topics that range from small business financing to marketing and the chamber of commerce is there to help business owners to keep ahead of the curve and stay competitive in the economy.

The Chamber of Commerce also provides confidential business counseling. They have onsite appointments with the SCORE counselors without any charge. These executives are successful and represent over 300 years of experience in every aspect of business. They also have free links and web listings to the Members website. Every chamber of commerce member will get a free listing to be placed on the chamber of commerce website and they will also have access to a free link to the member site for the chamber of commerce members.

The Chamber of Commerce also has a business council. They are a completely volunteer ran organization that is made up of chamber members and is located within the local area which is place for members to get involved with discussing local economy issues, solving problems for the local community and even creating and then implementing special events and projects all for the benefit of the local area.