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Riverside Art Museum

Riverside Art Museum

Located in the historic Mission Inn District within Riverside, CA, the Riverside Art Museum is a non-profit organization. Their mission focuses on serving various communities within Inland Empire while offering the finest quality visual arts and relative Interpretive and educational programs.

Previously, the building had served as the YWCA (Young Women’s Christen Association). On March 13, 2009 it was registered on the list of historic places.


In 1929, the corner of Lime Street and 7th (Currently, Mission Inn Ave.) was chosen for the location of the new Riverside YWCA building. Julia Morgan, and architect was hired by the directors of the association for designing the building using Mission Inn’s objections of Frank Miller. An architect was desired that could design the building using the architectural Mission Revival Style. Furthermore, Morgan utilized both Classical Revival and Mediterranean Revival styles when developing the design.

In 1960, a fundraising event was started by the Riverside Art Center for purchasing the YWCA building, recently going to market.

On July 5, 1967 the building was officially sold by the YWCA for $250,000 to the Riverside Arts Center.

In 1982, the building had been placed on the list of Registered Historical Places, becoming a historical landmark within the city.

In 1992, the building underwent a three-part renovation, founded partly by the City of Riverside.


The architectural design of the building combined both Classical architecture and Mediterranean, creating what is referred to as a “innovative tri-block design”. Originally, the first floor had an open-air atrium, swimming pool, and gymnasium. Meanwhile, the second floor provided offices, bedrooms, along with meeting rooms and small stage. Whereas, the badminton court was found on the roof. In the 1930s, an outdoor fireplace and garden were implemented to memorialize Ruth Muir, the former Executive Direct and Secretary after being murdered on vacation in La Jolla.


There are many exhibitions provided yearly by the attraction, averaging about 20 per year. Some of these include travelling exhibitions of art, addressing a diverse theme, social issues, and media techniques.


There are various programs available that people enjoy visiting, viewing and learning about. These programs range in topic, and typically focus on educational programs for both adults and children alike who are interest in learning more about art history.

Planning a Visit

If you want to plan a visit, the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, and closed on Monday. Their website has a list of current operating hours, but they are closed on major holidays.

General admission rates are currently $5 per person. If you have a student ID, or are age 65+ admission is only $3. However, for military, children under 12, and Riverside Art Museum members, admission is free.