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Pumpkin Rock

Pumpkin Rock

If you are looking for a really festive hike within Southern California, and it is around Halloween, then take a trip to Pumpkin Rock. This is a massive rock that actually sits on top of a hill located within Norco, California and it is a huge spot for visitors and locals. During the month of October, there is not another hike around that is more fun than making this trip.

The hike is around 1-mile round trip and most of it is completely uphill hiking.

This is one of those places that a person visits just because you can see it while driving through the city of Norco, California. There is not really a best way to get there, but you are able to drive as close as you can, and then park near a trail which heads up the mountain. You want to make sure that you check all of the signs so that you can abide by the rules and regulations when you are parking. If you want an easier way to get there, then you can also get directions to an easier spot to start hiking at.

Once you park, you will walk up a horse trail and start on a really steep trail which leads all the way up to Pumpkin Rock. When you first start hiking, once you get up the first hill, the trail will level out and you are able to see both the last hill that you have to climb to get to there and the actual attraction itself. It is actually really fun to see the rock from that point as it is like a beacon for many Halloween hikers. Once you make it up the second hill, you are going to be right under it.

It is around 15 feet tall and it much bigger than many people expect. It will depend on what time that you go, as some people decide to add graffiti to the area throughout the year, but during the month of October, it is almost always cleaned of the graffiti.

This is that one place that has a really great vantage point for the surrounding city and a great place to watch the sunset. It is really surprising just how far you are able to see when you are there. From the top near Pumpkin Rock you are able to see the trails that go through Norco Ridge, so if you are looking to add some miles to your hike, feel free to explore.

Once you have taken in the view and realize how great it is, you just walk back down the steep grades that you climbed to reach the rock.

So, if you are looking for a really great hike during October in Southern California, be sure to head to here. You do not have to travel a long way, as the trail to it is short. Many people have stated that the rock is painted up as Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, but that is for you to decide.