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Packinghouse Brewery Company

Packinghouse Brewery Company

Packinghouse Brewery is located in Riverside, CA and offers various types of fine crafted brews for visitors to try. Established in 2009, the company choose the name for historical reasons, in honor of the original citrus packinghouses of citrus fruits. Riverside is well known for the growth of oranges in California, from over a century ago. Because the citrus boom quickly led to prosperity and notoriety within the area of Riverside, the name was picked as tribute.

The brewery aims to passionately blend the finest micro brews with the highest standards and pride for cultural heritage. Starting out, the process was small with three 10-gallon kettles for brewing. Today, the company has expanded with multiple brews.


In 2009, the love for crafted beers led to the establishment of the Packinghouse Brewery. However, the founders did not have much of a budget, and started brewing Heritage and Riley’s brews using three 10-gallon kettles at once time. Over time, they gained popularity and were able to expand this into becoming a proper brewhouse, complete with paid employees and proper brewing tanks.

The company’s goal is to offer their customers with delicious, true brews that were crafted through an artful and thoughtful process. Today, they offer many crafted beers There are four brews available year-round that are also available for purchase throughout Southern California. There are various specialty and seasonal brews available in the tasting room, along with various range of IPAs from a single hop, rye, to black.

Current Crafts

At time of writing, they have 7 available craft beer flavors:

  • Black Beauty Cream Stout
  • Ginger Time, ginger ale
  • Riley’s Irish Red
  • Nighthawk
  • Bell Tower Blonde
  • Station Wagon IPA
  • Intercontinental Ballistic Mango

Black Beauty Cream Stout

This is the darkest Core Beer the company offers. It provides a silky sweet flavor which is the result of milk sugar being used. There are hints of coffee and chocolate flavors with slightly sweet and creamy finish. For those claiming they do not care for dark beer, Black Beauty often surprises them.

Ginger Time, ginger ale

If you’re a ginger ale fan, you won’t want to pass up on trying this. It uses fresh ginger root, along with lemons, and candied ginger, and unwashed organic cane sugar.

Riley’s Irish Red

This is by far the company’s best seller, as it was one of their two original brews that got them going. It has a deep red/copper color with an aroma of caramel. It’s a medium bodied ale which goes down smooth, clean and easy using English hops.


This American pale ale uses a rye malt for additional spice and crisp.

Bell Tower Blonde

Looking for a crisp, but light option, the Bell Tower Blonde is more of an ale version of the lager.

Station Wagon IPA

This IPA is created with a blend of Amarillo, Centennial, and Cascade hops with fresh grapefruit, picked from Gless Ranch.

Intercontinental Ballistic Mango

Using Amarillo and Nelson hops, this is a Westcoast style pale ale that gets fermented along with mango, picked from the Gless Ranch.