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Life Arts Building

Life Arts Building

The Life Arts Building located within Riverside was designed by Arthur Benton and this 3 level Italian Renaissance Palazzo type of building was originally built to be the YMCA, which was in this building until 1968. The building has semi-circular brick patterns that really show the unique arched windows of the building. There is a small central courtyard which is located on the second level and it can be seen from Lemon Street. There is also a formal stairway that is located on University Avenue which provides a very unique and elegant entrance.

The amazing and richly carved wooden eaves certainly add a lot of contrast to the clay and brick styled building, which really stands out against the Mission and Spanish styles that are throughout Riverside. However, during 1974 it was purchased by the Church of Scientology to be the local headquarters. However, it was only recently that it was given the name of the Life Arts Building as local artists had started to use the building within the mid-1980s, which is a use that still continues into now. Besides there being several artists studios as well as a fitness gym, the building is often used to host banquets, wedding receptions and even for photo shoots.

It is a great place to celebrate some of your most festive and joyful occasions, as the building has 3 historically rich and elegant banquet halls. Each banquet hall has room for 150 to 300 people, which will ensure that you and your guests will have plenty of room. Plus, they offer competitive prices which is the most reasonable for being in California.

You will find this great attraction located off of 91 Freeway and located within Downtown Riverside within the cultural hub area. The location is one of many historical buildings that really defines the skyline of Riverside and will provide a backdrop that will provide comfort and provide inspiration.

People have been using this place to host quienceaneras and weddings for over 20 years. Additionally, it is located only a few blocks from the Mission Inn. It was built during 1909 and it is a place that photographers regularly use as a backdrop for models and art lovers as well as artists flock to the building during the First Thursdays Arts Walk which is celebrated in Riverside every month. It does not matter if you are looking for an art studio, a music concert venue, or wedding reception location, we can find a space that will suit all of your needs.

The Fiesta Ball Room is almost 9500 square feet, and this is the largest room that is available. It will seat up to 300 people and it has vaulted ceilings and historic wood flooring. The Florence room is just under 4300 square feet and will seat up to 200 people. It features the signature arched windows and it provides a romantic ambiance that really sets the mood for elegant events. Then there is the Flamenco room which is under 2200 square feet and only seats up to 150 people. It has an exposed skeleton ceiling and open floor plant that will allow you to decorate the way you want.