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Kiddos 101

Kiddos 101

Kiddos 101 is a place that was designed to meet all of the desires of parents and caregivers who are looking to really enrich the lives of children who are 6 years of age and under by providing them with a clean, safe as well as stimulating environment where they are able to play, think, learn and teach.

This indoor, interactive children’s play area combines learning with the natural inclination that children have for fun. The main focus is to help fitness and educational development for children up to 6 years old. The activities that are used help to promote healthy physical development and healthy mental development all in a secure, climate controlled, safe, clean environment that was designed to help stimulate imaginations and challenge children physically. The indoor museum styled activity center has been based on that if children are provided with an environment that requires imagination then they are going to learn and have fun both from other children and independently.

The layout of Kiddos 101 is open which is made to enhance the safety of the children while it challenges them to interact, be care free, discover, think, and reach in a self-paced learning environment. The whole space is 2000 square feet and it is made up of 2 areas which are arranged with plenty of interactive exhibits and thought-provoking activities based on the learning group skill levels.

Level 1 has been designed to engage children ages from 6 weeks up to 2 years old. It is during this age group that children are learning through movement. There are plenty of tummy time stations for infants as well as mirrors that are eye level. There are pull up bars that help children learn to stand, as well as mirrors that help to create self-awareness and to help them to analyze their movement. There are plenty of discovery baskets that have developmental wooden toys. Then there is a small staircase that is made up of 2 steps that has a landing and even a ground balance beam that helps toddlers to really master their movements. Then there is a seating area that is located around the level 1 area which allows for parents to watch but it also helps to encourage the parents to participate in play.

Level 2 is made for children from the age of 2 up to 6 years old. This area includes a 2-story playhouse that has interactive exhibits. There is also a play structure, plenty of hands on activities that use other parts of the interior play area which include tactile wall exhibits, multiple reading areas, sensory learning tables, and a hand on musical exhibit.

Kiddos 101 is a great place that provides children with everything that is needed to help develop basic social skills, motor skills, self confidence and muscle tone as well as provide an area where parents and caregivers are able to enjoy hours of close interaction with their children within a completely motivating setting.