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Inland Empire Brewing Company

Inland Empire Brewing Company

Established in 2009, the Inland Empire Brewing Company provides quality craft beers to those in and around Riverside, California. They offer several craft beers to please any palate or occasion, being the concept of Paul Murphy, a master brewer. It was his vision to have a family friendly brewery focusing on high quality, hand crafted beer.

Although the brewery has grown since being founded, it has continued to stick with the original idea and can be visited at Palyrita Avenue, Riverside, CA. Originally, they were a small process, but currently the can produce more than 2,500 gallons of beer at once.

Each batch is crafted using only the best ingredients chosen thanks to a close relationship they have with suppliers, which is noticeable in the taste of the final product. They also sell their product in Southern California grocery stores too!

Craft beer flavors include:

  • Victoria
  • Resistance
  • War Bond
  • Power to the Porter


They provide pool tables, sports, and live music to keep a wide range of visitors entertained. The brewery has an entertainment warehouse that consists of two full-size billiards tables, skeeball, darts, arcade machines, a jukebox and foosball table.

In addition, they provide viewing to live sports events in the TV room, and thanks to a partnership with BrokenWire.Tv, the weekends feature original music from local bands in the area.

Looking for a venue to host your private event or company party? They offer this option too, as well as revenue sharing opportunities for charity fundraisers and artists alike.

Only the Finest

The craft beers found here are created using only the purest hops and grains, without any artificial colors or fillers!

They emphasize this fact, they only use the finest whole ingredients available and have close partnerships with their suppliers. This includes the freshest possible malted grains, which are milled in-house, the highest quality hops and no additives are used.

To take the process a step further, Master Brewers study the effect that grains have on the palate and color, this helps keep the traditional style of the crafting process, providing unique flavors and colors with a fully natural process.

No matter which craft beer you are drinking, you know the raw ingredients were hand-juiced, zested, etc. without artificial extracts.

None of their beers are filtered, as this reduces the flavor’s freshness, but the crystal-clear look remains.


Looking to host a fun event? From private parties and fundraisers to beer festivals, all events are professional with a pouring station, stickers, beer cups, experienced pouring staff, and more.

Wedding receptions are a popular event, or private events which can even be hosted at your business or home. No matter the event, Inland Empire Brewing Co. can make the event special.