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Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk

A huge part of Riverside is the Ghost Walk. This is a great attraction that has been designed to induce excitement of old and young. There are different forms of the tour options that will take you through many different stops within the city that will actually highlight some of the most renowned areas through the history rich areas of downtown. It has a unique theatrical style of storytelling that will include original narratives and performances done by many local talents from the community and local high schools. The events that are done yearly will help to guarantee that you have been amused and delighted by all of those who attend. Plus, as part of the encore all of the guests are able to enjoy live entertainment such as dance, music, some tricks and some treats.

The Ghost Walk of Riverside is unlike any other event in the city. This event offers plenty of unique stories that are done through a walking tour of downtown. The tours range from just a small spook fest to more daring tours for those who are a bit more adventurous and live for the thrill of spooks.

Each tour is new every year and there have not been two that have been alike. The event has a huge reputation for attracting many artists from all over the local area which make it a really great type of collaboration. Musicians, vocalists, actors, storytellers, and writers all come together to put on a unique display of talent and walking adventure for anyone who wishes to join.

Every tour has a rating, but none of them go beyond PG-13. Starting out at a G rating is the Cleansing Fire tour. This tour is performed by the King High School and the tour goes to a vacant downtown building, the Riverside trolley, outside of the Box Theater, and the Showcare Theater. The stories are not known to anyone, but each one is very different from others.

Riverside Horror Story is performed by the Ramona High School and it goes to the Encore High School for the Arts, Universalist Church, Riverside Municipal Museum and the Tilden Coil which is rated PG. Deadly Demons is rated PG-13 and it has theatrical storytelling that is done by Poly High School and it travels to Lake Alice Alley, Riverside Sheriff’s Office, Old County Morgue, and the historic Riverside Courthouse. Then there is the Legend of Dalton Manor which is rated PG, but it is also ADA accessible and it is performed by the North High School. It travels to Tower Realty, outside of the Mission Inn Annex, Mission Inn Rotunda, and the Loring Building. The main story is the Legend of Dalton Manor and it is a very progressive tour.

After the tours have finished there are some encore performances that include live entertainment at the festival stage. There is even a Halloween Carnival for children that have prizes, games and activities. There is even a Halloween Costume Contest for the children as well, plus there are fun food vendors and the boo-tique.