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Festival of Trees

A Festival Full Of Trees

Festival of Trees is a name used by numerous (more than likely, independent) organizations and charity events which host annual events during the Christmas season in order to raise money for local charities, a lot of those give it to various children’s hospitals, and though not often, a little may go to a some organizations, but it mostly ends up going to a children’s hospital. Events such as these has became more and more common in North America, and right now, while this is being written, the events are being focused towards Christmas decorations and the display of Christmas trees.

A typical outline of these events are as follows, however, details can vary from one location to another:

Designers help out with the decorating and also with the designing of the trees. Events such as this, go all out with the creation of the themes. Many different clubs, schools, and organizations also partiscipate during these events, as well as a few professional designers.

They obtain sponsors which have agreed to pay for the advertising costs, renting a hall to hold the event in, however, sometimes a convention center is rented instread for holding the events, the sponsors and supporters also help in obtaining trees that have not yet been decorated, including wreaths and other traditional decorations for the holidays, the sponsors may even cover the costs for specific decorations for the tree’s, help with producing a program, or they might cover some other costs involved.

The organizations and designers who help them with the tree decorating and the arranging of them can find the hall or convention center opened up to them.

Whether the event is taking place in a hall or a convention center, they have it opened up for the general public to enjoy, and they will sometimes ask an admission charge of them. Since the object is to raise money, their goal is to sell all of the trees they have on display, which means that the public is able to purchase raffle tickets or bid on the trees, and the rest of the Chrstmas decorations that have been donated.

Sometimes, they will even have a black tie event just for the contributors and/or the supporters, and sometimes there will be a presentation made regarding the charity that they supported.

During the period of public visitation to these events, it generally attracts a lot of attention from the local media.

These events will usually offer dfferent kinds of other attractions, especially for the children such as play areas, visiting with Santa, sections for crafts, etc.

Once the event has wore down, those who purchased trees either pick them up or they make other arrangements like arranging for theem to be delivered.

These events could have as many as several hundred trees (varying in sizes) on display, it depends on what the size of the municipality is where the Festival of Trees is being held.