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Family Village at High Sierra Music Festival

Family Village at High Sierra Music Festival

When it comes to family, High Sierra is right there, and they want the festival to be a memorable experience for all people of all ages. They have things for children and even those big kids who like to participate and enjoy a lot of engaging activities and performances that take place during the whole festival.

There is the Family Camp is the perfect place for families. It is a quieter and very kid friendly area that is located at the Shady Grove Campground which is located at the eastern end. It is much quieter at night, but it is a bit loud in the morning. If you want to camp in this area, just let the parking attendant or shuttle driver know and they will get you to the right place. However, in order to park in the camp, you will have to have an on-site parking pass.

Rockin’ Nannies is a great place for children, whenever the parents want to have a bit of grown up time. They are made up of professionals, child care providers, and educators that are all highly qualified. They will often have a slumber party for the children which starts at 8 p.m and will continue until 4 a.m. which is located within the Tulsa Scott Building each and every night. Don’t worry, they happen to provide plenty of TLC, activities and snacks and all of this is done within a fun and safe environment. The regular price is $15 an hour for a child that is potty trained, and an additional $10 per child per hour for additional siblings. You are able to make reservations for child care at the booth which is right across from the Family Village. They will also have a meet and greet which starts at 4 pm in the Family Area.

Giant Puppets Save the World is going to have a very interactive parade art. You can have your child select a unique costume which are located within the goat barn right before the parade. You can even pick something out for the unique parade themes like Pollination and Metamorphosis. Located within the goat barn there will be free puppet play, parade info, giant puppet lab, art tours, and a huge improv table.

The stage is going to be located within the Mineral Building to ensure that all of the kids stay cool. This area will be hosting puppet theaters, African storytelling, magic shows, sing-a-longs, as well as other really cool items.

The Art House is going to have a lot of activities such as projects for creating sun catchers, tie dying items, up cycling instruments, as well as a bunch more. You will need to bring a t-shirt, or you get a free bandana so that you can tie dye items your way. Then there will also be art projects made with natural materials as well.

Circus Quircus will also be hosting circus games and skills starting at noon. They will also be the unique mural which needs all children to participate in. Just swing by and let your kids grab a paint brush. There will also be tunnel playshops which are all solar powered.