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Fairmount Park in Riverside

Fairmount Park in Riverside, CA

Fairmount Park is classified as an Urban style attraction located in Riverside, California. In 2011, it was among ten public locations given the title of ‘greatest places in the United States’, according to the American Planning Association (APA). If you care to visit, you can find it at 2601 Fairmount Blvd., between Route 60 and Santa Ana River.

It spans 35 acres, and was designed by the Olmsted Brothers. This is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a nice sunny day with friends or family. In April 2011, it received the designation of being a “Frontline Park”.


In 1911, the design was commissioned to the Olmsted brothers, known better as the Olmsted and Olmsted firm. They were the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer commissioned for Central Park. Although his death occurred in 1903, his sons clearly followed his design principles within their design plans.

The design, planning and construction was a long project, taking more than 13 years to complete. The final aspect of Lake Evans was implemented in 1924 and finalized the construction. An inventory of trees was conducted in 1985. At the time, this indicated that many of the original trees planted in 1911 continued living in the park today.

Revitalization and Rehabilitation

Due to flooding from Lake Evans, the property underwent a rehabilitation process after deterioration occurred within various areas. Additionally, crimes had increased in and around the area. However, local residents where lead the revitalization, including Pat Stewart who is currently the chair of Friends of Fairmount Park.

In 2001, the efforts of rehabilitating the part had started with a number of local volunteers. These volunteers helped to ensure waste was picked up and some were able to provide general maintenance around the location as needed. Thanks to efforts from the community, funding was raised for a $2.6 million playground.


Spanning 35 acres, this attraction offers people various amenities, these include:

  • A golf course for all those wanting to practice their swing.
  • Public barbecues for friends and family to enjoy the day hanging out together.
  • Two tennis courts for leisure or competitive teams.
  • Boat rentals, including handicap accessible paddle boats.
  • Fishing on Lake Evans
  • Sailing around Lake Evens
  • The Playground
  • Walking, Jogging, and Running Trails (Santa Ana River Trail)
  • Various exercises classes are provided within the park, making for a great way to enjoy the day and get fit.
  • In the 1920s, a lawn bowling court was initially opened, which is continued to be well maintained to this day.

If you are wanting to get away for the day with your friends or family on a nice sunny day, or just bored and need something to get out and do around the Riverside area, this is a great option. After all, what better way than to choose an attraction filled with various options, with enough variety to provide anyone with something fun to do.