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Downtown Farmers Market

Downtown Farmers Market

Riverside has many places for local farmers to come and sell their goods to the local community and one place is the downtown farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market is located on Main Street which is between 6th street and 5th street which is part of downtown Riverside within the district for arts & culture. This area is able to provide opportunities for a lot of local farmers to come and sell fruits, vegetables, and more. Most people will stop in to purchase flowers. Old Towne Baking Co. sells their fresh bread. Then there are people who are selling fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, even aged gouda cheese that comes from Winchester Cheese Co., hummus, and many other types of specialized foods.

The farmers market goes on during each Saturday and it is open from 8 am to 1 pm.

There are a lot of vendors that have plenty of unique items such as Ambrosia Foods that sell olive soaps and olive oils. Zuckerman Farms sell a lot of varieties of popcorn and potatoes, Smart Fish Co. sells a lot of different types of fish, Sage Mountain Farms only sells organic vegetables, Rivadeneira Farms sells fresh mushrooms, potatoes and eggs, R & S Farms sell fresh vegetables and fruits, R & C Farms sell strawberries and vegetables, Paradise P. Herbs sell a lot of fresh herbs, Mom’s Specialty Food sells pita chips, pita bread and great hummus, Lin’s Orchids sell amazing orchid plants and cut flowers, La Bahn Ranch is known for their organic oranges and organic fresh orange juice, Harvey Farm sells organic fruits, Ha’s Apple Farm sells different varieties of organic apples, Guevara Farms sells avocados, G & B Farms sells a lot of strawberries, vegetables and citrus, Fernandez Dates sell dates, Dignan Growers is the place to go for a variety of plants and succulents, Cabral Farms sell vegetables, Brenda’s Berries sells strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, and Arriaga Farms sell mixed bouquets, fresh cut flowers, and sunflowers.

If you are unable to make it to the downtown farmer’s market, then don’t worry. You can catch it on different days in various locations.

The Galleria at Tyler Farmer’s Market opens every Sunday and it starts at 8:30 am and ends at 12:30pm, and it is located within the parking lot of Barnes & Noble at the Galleria at Tyler Mall which is within the La Sierra Neighborhood. Then on Fridays between 10 am and 2 pm, you can catch the farmer’s market at Kaiser Permanente which is located at the Riverside Medical Center which is on Magnolia Avenue within the La Sierra Neighborhood. The Riverside Certified Farmers Market is open on Friday’s from 8 am to noon within the Sear’s parking lot located on Arlington Avenue within the Magnolia Center neighborhood. Lastly, there is the Orangecrest Certified Farmers Market which opens on Sundays starting at 9am and goes to 1pm which is located at the Orange Terrace Community Center on Orange Terrace Parkway within the Orangecrest Neighborhood. They are all free to attend and to shop at, so there are no parking fees or fees to enter in to shop.