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Castle Park

Castle Park

In 1976, Castle Park was founded as an amusement park that has been consistently expanding for many years. As of now the it includes a full amusement ride experience that has 27 rides that are perfect for all ages, a large selection of carnival games located on a midway, video arcade, 4 championship miniature golf courses, retail shops, water playground, many party locations which include the large circus tent themed area called Big Top and multiple performances by Anthony the Magic. It is located within Riverside, California right off of the 91 Freeway.

It is one of the ultimate attraction located in California for those who love food. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting just a casual meal which can be found at the Plaza Café or Big Top Restaurant. If you are looking for quick eats, then you can hit up the Snack Bar but if you really have a sweet tooth, then you can check out the Fry Factory. It is safe to say that there is food for everyone.

There are many acres of excitement and fun, which has made it one of the best attractions to be located in Riverside, California. With the recent update, there are now several 18 hold miniature golf courses, over 35 attractions and rides, and the arcade has been updated with state of the art video games. There is plenty of fun for everyone in your family.

It has many different ticked options and you can enjoy more than 200 items to have fun with. Visitors are offered an annual pass that allows you to have unlimited rides, unlimited miniature golf, unlimited Buccaneer Cover, which is the water park, no blackout dates, Unlimited Castle Dark and well over $100 in savings for only $50 per person. Otherwise, the ticket prices range in packages from Duke’s Royal Ticket for $30 which means unlimited rides and miniature golf, $5 in arcade tokes, $12 in skill game bucks, $1 off coupon for a $4 food purchase. Then you have the smaller tickets that range from $17 to $10. However, there is a $10 parking pass that will need to be purchased, but if you purchase it online you will only pay $7.

When it comes to rides at Castle Park, the best attractions for Riverside is right here. It does not matter if you are wanting something tame or you want to release your inner daredevil, there are plenty of rides that will include water, looping, spinning or just your classic rides. There are roller coasters and train rides. The most recent is Fireball which is an inverted looping roller coaster that tests your mind and courage as you increase velocity as you loop constantly. Then there is Ghost Blaster that will let you enjoy an interactive dark ride that is great for adults and children. You will have a change to fire at moving targets while you ride through multiple levels.