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California Riverside Ballet

California Riverside Ballet

Previously the California Riverside Ballet headquarters was located in Riverside, California within the historic Aurea Vista Hotel, known as landmark #84. Founded in 1969, the company is operated as a non-profit organization that receives great support from many sources, including Riverside county, Riverside, The Press-Enterprise, Riverside Arts Council, among various other sources that offer charitable donations for the Ballet.

Not only is the California Riverside Ballet known for it’s performances in local ballet, but also for holding an annual fundraiser, known well by locals as the Ghost Walk. As one might expect, the Ghost Walk fundraiser is conducted around Halloween each year and held in Downtown Riverside.

In addition to the Ghost Walk, the California Riverside Ballet has started various other events throughout the year, including the Nutcracker Tea even, The Nutcracker performance, and Spirit Walk. All these events are held in Downtown Riverside.


Founded in 1969, Within Riverside, California, the ballet was divided in two various ballet schools, both residing in Riverside. There is the California Riverside Ballet, and Riverside Ballet Arts.

California Riverside Ballet has presented audiences with many fun and exciting programs. It has been their mission to provide audiences the finest contemporary and classical ballet combination. To do this they provide the community with ballet curriculum by partnering with Riverside Arts Academy.

Both master teachers and guest artists have been hosted by the California Riverside Ballet, including names such as Julia Adam, Mario Nugara, Sabina Allemann, Kimberly Glasco, David Allan, Igor Zelenski, and many other well-known names in Ballet.

Today, anyone is allowed to audition. They have a cast filled with students at the top schools in the region. Because of the experience received in performance, many obtain scholarships from popular company schools worldwide. For instance, some popular names, such as Stephen Legate and Darci Kislter started with California Riverside Ballet.

Non-Profit Organization

The California Riverside Ballet is registered as a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)). Meanwhile, Riverside city and Riverside county, Riverside Arts Council, and various private corporations and individuals offer support for the ballet. However, anyone can help support the California Riverside Ballet, deemed by many as the finest ballet company in Inland Empire. Financial support helps continue programs, and offer the opportunity for community members to learn the art of ballet.

Ghost Walk

The event is held just before Halloween in Downtown Riverside. The event features several story-telling walk-along tours that go throughout downtown Riverside, educating locals and tourists alike. The tours are categorized based on a fright level, making it fun for all ages. There’s a youngster spook-fest for younger people who don’t want anything to extreme. Then there are tours for tour-goers wanting more of an adventure.

To keep things new every year, the tours are always different, never having two tours that are the same. This has been a popular feature as it continues to give both locals and tourists something to come back for every year, for a new story. In addition, the storytellers, writers, musicians, actors, and vocalists change as well, which has brought many artists to the area for a fun event.