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California Museum of Photography

California Museum of Photography

The California Museum of Photography is an intuition that is located off-campus and a department for University of California as part of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences located within Riverside. The Museum of Photography has the largest and most comprehensive collection of photographs located within the western portion of the United States. The growing collections show every single aspect of technology, photographic arts, and history. It is actually located within the ARTSblock at 3824 Main Street in Riverside, CA as a part of the UCR campus.

They are very much devoted to showing off the work of many contemporary artists who use photos and working with students and faculty at the University of California Riverside allows them to bring varied experience to the public and community using exhibitions and preserving as well as making the large collection of pictures and related items accessible.

They are part of the ARTSblock, and helps to provide a cultural presence, community center, educational resource, and an intellectual meeting area for the general public and university. The overall explorations of the museum of photographic media using exhibitions, publications, collections and internet are able to examine the history of pictures and are able to show the current practices, as well as related media. In order to provide a multicultural audience with better service, old and young, specialized and general items, the museum is capable of presenting programs that are able to show recognition of complexity as well as variety of cultural experiences and even show the relationship that is between contemporary practices and traditional expressionism. Furthermore, it is an integral part of being concerned with the new imaging media, society and photography. Located just off campus within Downtown Riverside, they have been committed to bringing the most challenging art into the biggest audience possible.

The students from the University of California Riverside are very involved with every aspect of the program at the museum from exhibition installation and administration to curatorial research through collection management. The museum as well as other parts of the ARTSblock have many opportunities for professional museum work and students are very involved with parts of the individual course status, work study, volunteers, and internships. Other students will use the museum as a library type resource or as a site for art experimentation and art production.

The museum is right now undergoing a bit of renovation and some reconstruction. However, it will not stop the use of the facility or anything needed for the students and public. The curator of collections is often available to ask for help with various exhibitions and even to interview for various news when it comes to the museum.

They are one of the best places to view photography and even gain ideas about how you can improve your own style and maybe learn some new techniques that can help you in your journey.