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What Is A Building?

A building or an edifice is referred to as a type of structure that has a roof over it and walls surrounding it, and it is in its permanent place. This can be a factory or someone’s house. Buildings are constructed in various shapes and sizes, and for a variety of different functions. They have been adapting throughout history to many different situations, such as different weather conditions, the types of building materials they are made of, the condition of the ground they are built upon, and the differences in the prices of land, among many other things. Buildings are mainly used for to live in, for factories, offices, shelter from weather, workplaces, and many other things. As shelter it represents comfort and safety.

There are many different types of buildings, some of them are as follows: Residential, Multi-story (which can be in many different building structures), complex (such as apartment housing, malls, duple houses, and etc. Residential buildings are generally called homes and houses. If they are structured to have more than one dwelling unit, they will be referred to as a duplex or an apartment building. Then there are the semi-detached houses which are houses that were built in pairs. Buildings are sometimes built around courtyards or a piece of land of various sizes, and houses that were at one point built as a single dwelling home may later be remodeled into two or more apartments, or turned into offices or shops. Buildings can be structured in many ways, from huts to high rise apartments costing millions of dollars and capable of housing thousands of people. Sometimes buildings are structured with little or no space between them, and this is due to the high cost of land. Buildings are structured from many different types of materials, such as concrete, bricks, and even from a combination of these making it stone.

There are different names for residential buildings, depending on their use and if they are seasonal or not. These include vacation homes (holiday cottages), mansions, shacks, and there are mobile homes, log homes, stilt houses, tree houses, and earth sheltered houses. Some more types of buildings are the prisons, orphanages, barracks, nursing homes, and dormitories. As history tells it, there has been people who have also lived in pit-houses, house-barns, and longhouses. These all fall in the category of permanent dwellings, so they are considered to be buildings. Multi-story buildings are those which have multiple levels. Complex buildings are a group of buildings that interconnect with one another. A team of professionals are needed in the construction of a building, such as the developer, the person who is going to fund it, the surveyor, architects, engineers, construction managers, electricians and plumbers, interior designers and painters, contractors (visit), and landscape architects. Buildings are structures for many different uses.


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